einsdazu.business v0.1.2

Hi all,

we just published a new version of einsdazu.business.

This update includes:

Code Improvements

Bug Fixing

New Cookie Consent Banner: You are now able to decide, which cookies you are willing to accept. Do not worry, we just use cookies for our service and google analytics, but just on our login page.

We hope, that you like this version.


Derwing Team

Update Policy

Hi all,

we want to inform you, that we will change our update policy for the next few weeks.

At the moment we are publishing updates every two weeks (for einsdazu and einsdazu.Business). We will now publish updates on demand. So we will not update the app and/or dashboard every two weeks anymore. This will not be forever, but we want to focus on reaching an amount of business partners and users to collect more feedback and implement new features and design for you! Do not worry, we are still working on new features and we will publish them as soon as possible!

Thanks a lot – big things are about to happen!

Your Derwing Team