einsdazu.Business v0.0.7

Hi all,

we are very happy to let you know, that we just published a new version of einsdazu.business.

We do want to improve our backend so that our partners can save more time and focus on their daily business. To achieve that, we are aiming to work more closely with our business partners than ever. We feel connected to this area of work and want to support them to come back stronger than ever.

In this version we added the current language in the header bar. In the future, you will be able to pick another main language.

We also changed the „add einsdazu“ modal. The old one was a little bit boring and since we are redesigning the backend itself, it made sense to update this modal as well. You will also see some design improvements in the sidebar.

We also improved the code and fixed a few bugs – as always.

Old „add einsdazu“ modal
new „add einsdazu“ modal (you also can see the language parameter in the headerbar)

We really like this new modal design. Let us know, what you think!


Derwing Team

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