einsdazu v0.2

Hi all,

we are very excited to present you our biggest update yet. We worked really hard to move form the 0.1.x versions to the 0.2 versions. It also brings us closer to our first „real“ version – 1.0.

But what is new?

  • Support of Spanish language: Our app is now available in three languages: German, English & Spanish
  • We redesigned the einsdazu list screen
  • We redesigned the event list screen
  • We redesigned the „about“ section
  • We improved the design of our feed
  • We also implemented the function to view pictures in full screen mode (we will add the edit/upload function very soon!)
  • We enabled apple maps on the iphone
  • You will also have an indicator now to check if you are on the map or list view
  • We added a third gender option („Others“)
  • Code Improvements & Bug Fixes

We hope, that you will enjoy it.


Your Derwing Team

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