einsdazu v0.2.2

Hi all,

you are now able to update einsdazu to the new version (0.2.2)

New in this update:

  • Code Improvements
  • Bug Fixing
  • Addition of refresh button (will be visible after some time, when not switching screens) on home screen to refresh businesses on map view
  • Improve home screen – more stable and fast
  • Update my location button

We hope, that you will enjoy this version!

Your Derwing Team

einsdazu.business v0.0.15

Hi all,

we just uploaded the new version of einsdazu.business and we are very happy to present you this version.

In this version we were working on the manage business section. We converted the old page design to our new design language. Now the sections will be separated and clean. We hope you like it.

Your Derwing Team

einsdazu v0.2.1

Hi all,

you are now able to download einsdazu v0.2.1.

This update was all about bug fixing & code improvements.

As you know, the last update was a pretty big one, so we needed to keep working on those new features:

  • Code Improvements
  • Bug Fixing
  • iOS: Apple Map was fixed on users location
  • Android: List view switch was disappearing
  • Adding a new my location button

We hope, that you will enjoy this version.

Your Derwing Team

einsdazu.business v0.0.14

Hi all,

we just uploaded the new version of einsdazu.Business.

What is new?

  • Supporting the deactivation and deletion process of whole user accounts: You now can just trigger the deactivation of the user and we will remove all businesses as well
  • Supporting of reactivation: All data will be deleted after 30 days (One exception: if there are open invoices, we will keep your data UNTIL everything is paid), but within this range of time you have the option to cancel the deletion process and reactivate your business or your whole account
  • Redesign of „settings“ page: We are using the same design language for the setting page. We also improved the user experience & user flow.

Old Settings Page
New Settings Page

We hope, that you like it.

Your Derwing Team

einsdazu v0.2

Hi all,

we are very excited to present you our biggest update yet. We worked really hard to move form the 0.1.x versions to the 0.2 versions. It also brings us closer to our first „real“ version – 1.0.

But what is new?

  • Support of Spanish language: Our app is now available in three languages: German, English & Spanish
  • We redesigned the einsdazu list screen
  • We redesigned the event list screen
  • We redesigned the „about“ section
  • We improved the design of our feed
  • We also implemented the function to view pictures in full screen mode (we will add the edit/upload function very soon!)
  • We enabled apple maps on the iphone
  • You will also have an indicator now to check if you are on the map or list view
  • We added a third gender option („Others“)
  • Code Improvements & Bug Fixes

We hope, that you will enjoy it.


Your Derwing Team

einsdazu v0.1.12

Hi all,

we just released einsdazu v0.1.12.

This update brings are lot of under the hood improvements. You should notice a faster behavior now.

  • Code Improvements
  • Bug Fixing
  • Fixing of iOS Loading Screen
  • Design Improvements: Header, einsdazu list & einsdazu detail screen

We hope, that you like it. Let us know, if you are missing anything.


Derwing Team