einsdazu v0.1.6

Hi guys,

First of all: we are sorry for the delay of this blog entry. As you already saw in the app store of Apple and Google, we released the new version (0.1.6) of einsdazu yesterday.

So what’s new in this release? We worked on a lot of stuff and improved a lot of functions. So the app is more responsive and stable. There are also a few more code improvements and we are working on supporting new languages! We will keep you updated about this.

We also updated the birthday datepicker on android. It was kind of hard to pick the right year, so we wanted to improve the UX here.

Another huge update is related to our social features. We finally enabled the find friend function. So you are now able to search for other users and follow them! This is just the beginning, but it is a very important one. It is also our first feature drop.

We also improved the overall security and the access management. We are also working on more improvements in this area. You are trusting us with you data, so we should protect them as much as possible.

More to come!

Your Derwing Team

Christmas/Corona Break

Hi all,

we will be on Christmas break now. Unfortunately, we need to extend this break a little bit longer due to Corona. It is not a surprise, that we were hit pretty badly, because our business partner needed to shut down their activities until at least 10th January. Personally, we think, the shutdown will last at least until end of January.

So instead of releasing updates every week, we decided to shift our focus a little bit and extend our Christmas break until Mid January. It does not mean, that we will stop developing new features or work on our platform, we just stop publishing updates to the public for that period.

2020 was not an easy year, but it could be much worse. So please go ahead and enjoy Christmas and New Years Eve. And of course, keep enjoying einsdazu! The journey has just begun.

Derwing Team

About our next update

Hi all,

we wanted to let you know, that we are not releasing an update on December 23. In our opinion it would be not a good idea, to release a new version the day before a holiday break.

Of course, we will be there for you in case you need something from us, we just do not want to risk anything over the holiday season.

Merry Christmas!

Derwing Team

einsdazu.Business 0.0.6

Hi all,

this one is another huge update.

We reactivated the reporting section, we will add more reports soon, but at the moment we are busy remodeling the interface as it is. But we are working on it.

You will see some quick information on our new home site.

We also decided to add the timezone AND the business name to the header bar. The timezone is very important, if you are managing multiple businesses or if you are managing a business from outside of the country. The business name is also important to know, which business you are working with.

We now use the new style to add another business. Before we were using our old sign up style (see version 0.0.2 update), but we now moved the add another business function to our new business style. We hope you are enjoying this.

We also worked on the new news feed page, but as you can imagine, this one is a big update. So we disabled it for now and will activate it as soon as possible.

New information in headerbar
New add another business page

-Derwing Team

einsdazu v0.1.5


we just released the new einsdazu update.

Updates are:

Code Improvements

Working on Find Friends functions (disabled in 0.1.5)

We fixed the button positions in the sign up modals

We fixed the past event button on Android

We improved the modal style of the reservations (Old version attached here)

We changed the button style in the reservation modal

We fixed an issue with the search bar on Android: Input was hidden.

Old Reservation Modal

Thats it for this update,

Derwing Team

einsdazu.Business v0.0.5

Hi friends,

today this update is coming pretty late. But to be honest, we are very happy about that. We noticed, that we had some issues with our certificates today and needed to fix those before. To be able to deploy v0.0.5 now, means we fixed everything and our services are up and running.

In this version we continued our work on our redesign and on our multi language platform.

After logging in you know will see our new home section. We will continue working on this and on our other sections. We hope, that you like our new design.

Have a great week,

Derwing Team

einsdazu update – v0.1.4

Hi all,

einsdazu received another update, we are now on version 0.1.4.

We added a few code improvements to make sure, that the app is running on a stable level.

We also fixed the birthday picker on android and updated the country change function in the settings.

We also added the find friends button on the user page, but this button is added as a disabled button. We will keep you updated regarding this.


Derwing Team

einsdazu.Business v0.0.4

Hi all,

today, we will upload a new version of einsdazu.Business. We are very excited to release this version.

In this version, you will find a lot of code improvements. We also continued working on our longterm update to support a multi language platform.

We continued changing the design of the platform. This time, we changed the style for picking a business. This will improve the user experiences for people, who are managing more than 9 business locations.

We also removed the add new business button, because we are shifting this function to another place in the platform.

Old Business picker

Derwing Team

einsdazu v0.1.3

You are now able to download v0.1.3 for Android and iOS.

We redesigned the whole sign up process. It is much cleaner now and should be easier to follow. We also improved some code, so that you have a better overall experience.

For iOS we enabled the back gesture. This was disabled before, because we changed the animation of the navigation.

We are really glad, that we could publish the update in time – you will not believe it, but we had some huge issues on the xcode site, which led to a git issue. So we needed to do the changes twice.

Anyway, we hope, that you will enjoy the new version of einsdazu.

Derwing Team

einsdazu.Business 0.0.3 is online


I am happy to tell you, that we were able to publish the new version of einsdazu.Business.

This update is pretty huge, because it contains style, code and process changes.

Our goal was to improve the sign up process, for that we implemented the following changes:

>You do not need to fill out all information when you first sign up, now you just create your user and can fill out everything later

>We changed the design, so you do not have a different design compared to the login

>We added a new form wizard approach to organize the information better

>We improved the performance of the sign up process. With our new approach, errors are less likely to occur.

>With the new approach, we improved the data security

>We continued to add multi language support

Old Sign Up Style
New Sign Up Style

Your einsdazu Team