einsdazu.Business v0.0.10

Hi all,

we just uploaded the new version of einsdazu.business.

We are happy to let you know, that we updated the news feed section. We decided to change the layout of this section completely. Before we were using an own feed for you, but it could become a little bit messy if you have 100 posts or more.

So now you can see all your posts in a nice and clean table. You also can switch into a detail view.

We also added a new function to improve the portal in general. The multi language approach is on its way and you already can see some changes in the portal itself. For instance the user feedback is now in your user language.


Your Derwing Team

einsdazu v0.1.9

Hi all,

as every Wednesday, we just published an update on einsdazu.

We are already on version 0.1.9!

What is new?

Code Improvements & Bug Fixing

We improved the design of the home header and the design of the whole tab bottom navigator.

We enabled the follower/following lists! You now can check, who is following you, who you are following. You will also find a business following list to have an overview of your favorite businesses.

We will continue working on those lists and present you more updates on this in the next version.


Derwing Team

einsdazu.business v0.0.9

Hi all,

we just uploaded our new version of einsdazu.business.

So what is new?

We improved the security. We updated our encryption so that nobody can access your data, ids or other information.

We also updated the einsdazu detail view. You now have an extra page to see everything in more detail. You also can update them pretty easily.

We hope you like this version!


Derwing Team

einsdazu v0.1.7

Hi all,

we just published the new version (0.1.7) of einsdazu. We made a few changes:

Code Improvements & Bug Fixes

We removed the searchbar on the home screen and added an icon for that. It looks much cleaner now.

We added a „go to my location“ button on the home screen. It makes it easier for you to explore areas of your city but find your current location within a second.

We also added an auto update function on the home screen. So if you navigate to the page or move away from your current location you map will refresh automatically.

We also corrected the position of the bottom navigator.

We hope you like the new version of einsdazu.


Derwing Team

einsdazu.Business v0.0.7

Hi all,

we are very happy to let you know, that we just published a new version of einsdazu.business.

We do want to improve our backend so that our partners can save more time and focus on their daily business. To achieve that, we are aiming to work more closely with our business partners than ever. We feel connected to this area of work and want to support them to come back stronger than ever.

In this version we added the current language in the header bar. In the future, you will be able to pick another main language.

We also changed the „add einsdazu“ modal. The old one was a little bit boring and since we are redesigning the backend itself, it made sense to update this modal as well. You will also see some design improvements in the sidebar.

We also improved the code and fixed a few bugs – as always.

Old „add einsdazu“ modal
new „add einsdazu“ modal (you also can see the language parameter in the headerbar)

We really like this new modal design. Let us know, what you think!


Derwing Team

einsdazu v0.1.6

Hi guys,

First of all: we are sorry for the delay of this blog entry. As you already saw in the app store of Apple and Google, we released the new version (0.1.6) of einsdazu yesterday.

So what’s new in this release? We worked on a lot of stuff and improved a lot of functions. So the app is more responsive and stable. There are also a few more code improvements and we are working on supporting new languages! We will keep you updated about this.

We also updated the birthday datepicker on android. It was kind of hard to pick the right year, so we wanted to improve the UX here.

Another huge update is related to our social features. We finally enabled the find friend function. So you are now able to search for other users and follow them! This is just the beginning, but it is a very important one. It is also our first feature drop.

We also improved the overall security and the access management. We are also working on more improvements in this area. You are trusting us with you data, so we should protect them as much as possible.

More to come!

Your Derwing Team